-Chakra energy education, understanding energy meridians, chakra health and balance, reiki energy healing, chakra balancing exercises

We help women understand that as an individual, you are contributing to the WHOLE design and therefore your actions matter.

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Our beliefs drive our mission forward with a clear view!

Science says...
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We believe that you can live a full and fulfilling life free of substance abuse and filled with connection.

We believe music, dance, yoga, chanting, and sound healing meditations make each session fun and memorable and enhance the individuals recovery journey.

- “Yang” principal sessions to increase physical strength and confidence, trauma release exercises (TRE’s), and primal movement to further facilitate the mind-body connection/ reconnection.

We believe that finding JOY in recovery leads to sustainable recovery. Learning to take the difficult right next to the good, and proceeding with confidence is the goal of the emotional regulation tools that we provide.

We believe that strong and healthy women, lead to strong and healthy families, which lead to strong and healthy communities.

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Roots Wellness Collective

Whole-Life-Wellness-Recovery Program

We believe that mental WEALTH is waiting on the other side of removing tough blocks that were buried in trauma or adverse childhood experiences.

-Nutritional guidance- recommendations for specific dietary needs of the individual evaluated/ each participant may opt for a meal plan for systematic balance in recovery based on principals of Ayurveda

We provide structured learning in a compassionate environment where the only expectations are that you are present, and choose to be present.

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“Connection to the SELF for Mental WEALTH!”

We believe that small wins in recovery lead to bigger ones later.

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We provide tools in both instruction and literature for how to take actionable steps to take control of one’s mind and body. We work to help each individual start feeling empowered in their recovery journey, right away!

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Mission statement:

We provide tools through instruction and self study programs to enhance the autonomy and increase the agency of the individual in substance abuse and /or domestic violence recovery.

We believe that learning to take care of one-self from the inside out facilities a loving relationship to the body the individual may have never experienced that will enhance their overall journey to recovery.

-Techniques of breath work, meditation, sound healing, energy work, and ancient principals of movement, taught with an emphasis on mind-body connection/ re-connection to facilitate self-respect, self-love, and inter-connection to the whole (source)